Keeping Your Furry Friends Healthy & Happy

Pricing Effective 2023.11.01

Two dogs on a leash facing each other.

Dog Walking

Our dog walking visits are individualized, on-leash walks through your neighborhood. This way we can tailor the walk to your dog’s interests and energy level.‍ In addition, we also offer standard house sitting services to make your life easier.

  • Puppy/Senior Package (For dogs 6 months old and younger, or senior dogs with medical conditions)
    Two 15-minute Visits– $35
  • 20-minute Visit - $25
  • 40-minute Visit - $35
  • 60-minute Visit - $45

*Add $8 for each additional dog in the household per visit*

Two dogs on a leash facing each other.
A cat is sitting on the arm of someone.

Cat Sitting

We offer reliable cat sitting services. Our cat sitting visits include playtime, cuddle time, feeding, litter box cleaning, medication administration if needed, and some house sitting tasks when agreed upon (such as bringing in mail, watering plants, rotating lights, etc.)

  • Single 20-minute visit- $27
  • Overnight Caregiver Sleepovers are also available!

*Sleepovers are a limited service and include an additional fee

*Pricing does not change based on the number of cats in the household*

*If a cat is not interactive (and a special request is not made), visits will end after tasking is complete for the comfort of the cat.*

A cat is sitting on the arm of someone.

Dog Sitting

Our dog sitting visits include walks, playtime, cuddle time, feeding, medication administration, and some house sitting tasks when agreed upon (such as bringing in mail, water plants, rotating lights, etc.).

Discounts for established dog walking clients are available.

  • Four 20-minute Visits/day - $100/day.
  • Add $32/day for each additional dog cared for in the household.
  • Add $10/day for each additional pet (non-dog) cared for in the household.
  • Overnight Caregiver Sleepovers are also available!

Exotic Pet Sitting / Boarding

We are happy to provide pet sitting services to many different exotic species.

Due to the variety of their needs, we ask that you contact us to obtain an individualized quote.

House Sitting

Our house sitting visits include bringing in the mail, watering plants, checking heat and hot water, and checking that the house is secured.

  • Each Visit - $23

Litter Box Maintenance

Keep your cat's space clean and safe with our litter box maintenance services. Visits include pickup and removal of all waste in your cat's litter box.

  • Each Visit - $23

Yard Waste Cleanup

Nobody wants to handle pet waste. Thankfully, that's where we come in. Visits include pickup and disposal of all pet waste in your yard.

  • 20-minute Visit - $23

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to avoid the hassle of paying for pet services every week, and they make a great gift for friends and neighbors with pets!

Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination, and they never expire!

Same Day Cancellation Fee

50% of scheduled services that were canceled after business hours the previous day the office was open until the same day that service was scheduled.

Holiday Fees

ABPS does add an additional $10 fee for each visit occuring on:
New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Indigenous Peoples' Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Native American Heritage Day, Christmas (12/25 & Observed)